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Rapid Prototyping & Advanced Manufacturing

Pegasus Global Holdings specializes in a wide range of business sectors. It has mastered a "cradle-to-grave" long range and rapid prototyping skill through its strategic relationship with Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Inc (AMTI) in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our core competencies include telecommunications, defense, security, IP commercialization and development. Pegasus is internationally recognized in the areas of prototyping, product development, production, manufacturing and technology development within the field of countermeasures, field service training, import/export assistance and international licensing of technology among others.  

Strategic Manufacturing Facility

AMTI's manufacturing facility is located at 28 Millrace Drive, Lynchburg, VA. 24502
Lot Size = 11+ Acres
Building = 40K Ft2
Monitored security system
  • Contact sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Surveillance system

Certified Quality Management System

  • Registrar
  • ISO9001-2000
  • ISO/TS16949 2nd Edition  for Automotive Industry

Registered Contractor:

  • Facility Cleared for DOD work
  • Key members of management and engineering hold security clearances.
  • State Department Registration for Export Control of Technology

One Source – Many Solutions – One Partner

  • Pegasus will provide a single point of contact and control for project management to ensure compliance with overall program goals, schedule and cost.
  • Pegasus will select and secure a fixed number of resources for a “core” team to be dedicated to the program.
  • In addition to this “core” team, Pegasus will apply specific technical or business competence on demand as required to meet project objectives.
  • Document and Revision Control System
    • We will adapt to your system of Document Control. In the event that one does not exist, we offer our standardized system to get started.
    • Project documents will be managed via our Quality Management System and stored on a secure server for accessibility.


Product Design and Rapid Proto-typing

  • Prototype Assembly, all Variants 
  • Design for Mfg Review/feedback
  • BOM/Supplier Review/feedback
  • Alfa/Beta Trial Technical Support
  • Product Mgmt Support
  • Rev Control System & Coordination
  • Guaranteed Capacity & Response times

Manufacturing Distribution and Aftermarket Support

  • Develop flexible/scalable supply plan
  • Incorporate HV Short Cycle Lean Manufacturing Practice
  • Integrate all manufacturing processes
  • Design in Manufacturing feedback loops
  • Rough cut design of mfg system to support multiple product packages
  • Tailored cost improvement programs (CIP)
Processes and Operations
  • Industrial Engineering & Facility Set-up
  • Automated Assembly
  • Mechanical Hand Assembly
  • Packaging for Shipment
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing Planning System
  • Quality Assurance
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