Pegasus Global Holdings announces two industry days in Mclean and Palo Alto for the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation (CITE)

Washington DC, April 18, 2012 – Pegasus Global Holdings (Pegasus) announced today that it will be holding two Industry Days for its Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation in partnership with Science Applications International Corporation (NYSE: SAI), a leading provider of scientific, engineering, systems, integration and technical solutions, on 24th and 26th of April. Amongst the invited guests will be US and International Governmental Agencies, Federal Laboratories, Universities, Investment Banks and Fortune 500 companies. “Pegasus is looking forward to presenting its results for our feasibility study to government and industry. This is our opportunity to give these groups a chance to see our design and plan for CITE. This is an exciting time for Pegasus and we are looking forward to presenting our findings to our projected customer base, partners and investors.” says Pegasus Global Holdings Senior Managing Director, Bob Brumley Headquartered in Washington DC, Pegasus Global Holdings ("Pegasus") has developed a solid reputation in successful technology development. Pegasus is a recognized leader in telecommunications in North America and Europe. Pegasus is also a US Government authorized prime vendor and manufacturer of defense equipment and technologies. Pegasus has a proven expert in commercializing military technologies for the global marketplace – in strict compliance with national laws and regulations pertaining to export controls – and the militarizing of global commercial technologies as COTS solutions for the DOD and other U.S. government agencies. Pegasus sources intellectual property throughout the world through its global subsidiary, Perseus Global, LTD (UK), and affiliates as well as public and private entities. Pegasus' strategy is to match "sourced IP with immediate customer requirements", capitalizing on the basic research and development already performed and expensed by the inventor or innovator. Through its unique "IP to Market" licensing strategy, Pegasus offers the innovator or inventor, public or private, an immediate channel for their product in exchange for a success-based royalty structure. Once licensed, Pegasus takes on the financial risk of prototyping, manufacturing, distribution and service to the customer. For additional information, visit:

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