World’s First Space-Based Commercial Laser Communications Network Launched Today.

Paris FRANCE. September 11, 2012 - Laser Light™ Communications, LLC was launched today at the World Satellite Finance Forum in Paris, France. Laser Light™ intends on deploying and operating what it believes to be the World’s 1st commercial satellite communications constellation based entirely on optical wave technology. The planned constellation is to be comprised of 12 satellites [8 primary; 4 spares] in Medium Earth Orbit [10,500KM] with an operating system capacity of 4.8Tbps, including sat-sat optical crosslinks and sat-ground optical up/down links of 200Gbps, without reliance on radio frequency [RF] spectrum. Laser Light™ intends on interconnecting its proposed Optical Satellite System [OSS] with the global fiber network – terrestrial and undersea – establishing a truly meshed optical network, ensuring world-wide coverage at service levels and connectivity options previously unattainable by other satellite platforms. "Laser Light™ may truly be a "game changer" in the delivery of large quantities of bandwidth from a satellite platform to the global fiber network system...," according to Robert H. Brumley, Senior Managing Director, Laser Light™ Communications, LLC. Laser Light's™ potential service delivery advantage is made possible by the decades of federally funded research in the field of free space optical lasers . . .," Brumley said. "Laser Light™ will enable the commercial communications market to benefit from the deployment of this next- generation, highly complementary all Optical Satellite System." “With year over year increases in the volume of global Internet traffic, demand for high rate data transport potentially places Laser Light™ in a unique market position. . .”, according to  Clifford W. Beek, Managing Director, Laser Light Communications.  “Our aim is to offer telecom service providers, commercial enterprises, and government users a high quality service with an efficient technology platform - an all optical integrated satellite and terrestrial communications platform.    It is expected that Laser Light’s global routing options will align telecom carriers with service capabilities reaching symmetrical bidirectional connectivity at OC-192 speeds.   Ultimately, the end customer stands the most to gain from the increased transport efficiencies offered by Laser Light™”. Laser Light™ will commence the development of its break-through OSS constellation immediately, including vendor selections for spacecraft, commercial launch, and field trials of its meshed optical-wave communications network. Laser Light™ anticipates a 1st Quarter 2017 deployment of its OSS with service availability mid-2017.   About Laser Light™ Communications, LLC. Laser Light™ Communications intends to be the first Optical Satellite Service provider of telecommunications solutions serving the high bandwidth data and next-generation service needs of carriers, enterprises and government agencies around the world. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Laser Light™ is a solely-held subsidiary of Pegasus Global Holdings [].   About Pegasus Global Holdings. Pegasus Global Holdings, through its operating subsidiaries and special purpose vehicles, is an international technology development firm. Pegasus has demonstrated expertise in defense, security, telecommunications, and Intellectual Property capture through its ability to source globally “market-ready” IP from public and private innovators, enablers, and incubators. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Pegasus Global Holdings is a worldwide organization, principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

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