Laser Light Global LTD and Pacnet Services Asia Pacific Agree to Participate in the Development of “SpaceCable™” Services

LONDON, UK, December 18, 2014 – Laser Light™ Global, LTD (Laser Light™), developer of what is intended to be the first commercial high capacity All-Optical Satellite System and Pacnet Services Asia Pacific (HK) Limited (Pacnet), Asia’s premier independent regional communications service provider, announced today that they have agreed to pursue commercial opportunities.

“Laser Light™’s’ All-optical global “SpaceCable™” service “ offers a unique approach for extending our target service area,” commented Sanjay Nayak, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Pacnet. “This agreement will enable us to include Laser Light™’s technology platform in our strategic decision-making as we seek to optimize our long-term infrastructure and service plan.”

Consistent with Pacnet’s objectives to keep pace with industry’s increased demands for high-bandwidth services, Laser Light™’s aim is to integrate its “SpaceCable™” service offering - 200 Gbps of bi-directional optical satellite capacity - with Pacnet’s comprehensive terrestrial network facilities.

“The agreement with Pacnet is an important relationship and key step in validating our business model that aligns our services with a leading provider of integrated infrastructure while providing us with access to terrestrial and submarine fiber optic connectivity service in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Cliff Beek, President of Laser Light™ Global Carrier Services.”

About Pacnet
Pacnet is Asia-Pacific's leading provider of managed data connectivity solutions to major telecommunications carriers, large multinational enterprises and government entities. Ownership of the region's most extensive high-capacity submarine cable systems with over 46,000 km of fiber and connectivity to interconnected data centers across 15 cities in the Asia-Pacific region gives Pacnet unparalleled reach to major business centers in key markets including China, India, Japan and the United States. Combined with a comprehensive set of managed network and value-added data center services, its assets and experience in the region help Pacnet service large businesses worldwide including Fortune 500 companies. Pacnet is headquartered in Hong Kong and Singapore, with offices in all key markets in the Asia-Pacific region and North America. For more information, please visit:

About Laser Light Global LTD, UK
Laser Light Global LTD intends to be the first Optical Satellite Service (OSS) provider of telecommunications solutions serving the high bandwidth data and next generation needs of carriers, enterprises and government agencies around the world based entirely on optical wave technology – “SpaceCable™”. The planned constellation is to be comprised of 8-12 Medium Earth Orbit satellites with a completed operating system capacity of 6.2 Tbps, including sat-sat optical cross-links and sat-ground optical up/down links of 200 Gbps, without reliance on radio frequency spectrum. Laser Light™ intends on interconnecting its proposed Optical Satellite System with global fiber networks, terrestrial and undersea, establishing a truly meshed hybrid optical network, ensuring worldwide coverage. For more information, please visit

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