Laser Light Global Limited™, UK Established.

November 11, 2013 - Pegasus Global Holdings, LLC, the sole-shareholder of Laser Light Communications™, LLC and The Halo Center™, LLC, established Laser Light Global Limited™, UK, with the intention to it make the parent company of both firms, and will transferred its ownership interests accordingly. Laser Light Global Limited™, UK, is a registered entity organized under the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom. Laser Light Global Limited™, UK will become the sole equity owner of The Halo Center™, LLC and Laser Light Communications™, LLC, both US registered Delaware companies. The United Kingdom will serve as Laser Light’s™ Global Corporate Headquarters, and upon the launch of its All Optical Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Network™, the location of its UK Operations and Development Center. Laser Light’s™ decision to move to the United Kingdom as its primary registration and place of business was strongly influenced by the UK Space Policy Initiative announced by the Cameron Government, which expressed a strong commitment to attracting new entrants into the UK Space Commerce sector.

Pegasus Global Holdings

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