Laser Light ™ Communications, LLC

Laser Light™ Communications intends to be the first Optical Satellite Service provider of telecommunications solutions serving the high bandwidth data and next-generation service needs of carriers, enterprises and government agencies around the world based entirely on optical wave technology.   The planned constellation is to be comprised of Medium Earth Orbit satellites with an operating system capacity of 6Tbps, including sat-sat optical crosslinks and sat-ground optical up/down links of +200Gbps, without reliance on radio frequency spectrum.  Laser Light™ intends on interconnecting its proposed Optical Satellite System (OSS) with the global fiber network – terrestrial and undersea – establishing its Global IP Backbone Network, ensuring world-wide coverage at service levels and connectivity options previously unattainable by other satellite platforms.   Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Laser Light™ is a solely-held subsidiary of Pegasus Global Holdings.    More information can be found at
Laser Light ™ Communications LLC