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Global IP Sourcing & Development

Perseus Global, LTD, a wholly owned United Kingdom subsidiary of Pegasus Global Holdings, was formed in 2008, seeking two-way opportunities between the global marketplace and the United States for advanced innovative technology solutions and services. Through a unique “IP to Market” licensing strategy, Perseus Global offers innovators and inventors, both public and private, an immediate channel for their product in exchange for a success-based royalty structure. Once licensed, Perseus Global takes on the financial risk of prototyping, manufacturing, distribution and service to the customer. Perseus Global seeks to identify and offer technology-based solutions to meet the immediate requirements of governmental agencies around the world. Amongst such solutions, are technologies that protect the individual warfighter abroad, such as personal and perimeter protective equipment, electronic counter-measures kit, satellite communications, unmanned ground vehicles, IT security applications, interoperability software and medical equipment innovation. Additionally, Perseus Global specializes in the commercialization and militarization of government-sponsored-developed IP to support private and civil security forces, local police and first responders. Perseus Global is uniquely situated to rapidly assess and respond with commercial-off-the-shelf solutions for the immediate need of the warfighter or civil security personnel, thereby side-stepping lengthy procurement cycles and unwarranted expense of larger government-funded programs. It has an active partnering program with larger UK aerospace and defense firms that facilitate “fast-track” requirements and solution development. Perseus Global also has the technical expertise to innovate, design, produce and deploy next-generation solutions to meet embedded program requirements through active partnerships with design and production firms within the UK, ensuring interoperability and compatibility in the field or about the homeland.  

Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Development

Perseus Global has global strategic partnerships which have the ability to take next-generation concepts and technologies through a process of licensing, prototyping and demonstration to production-ready status through its relationship with Pegasus Global's Rapid Prototyping & Advanced Manufacturing partnership in Lynchburg, Virginia. Perseus Global can coordinate underlying development support, including financing, for worthwhile products and solutions. We can assist a small firm with a unique idea to accelerate into the global marketplace without the pressures of marketing, development or sales support by utilizing our existing business channels and regional representatives.

IP Development

Perseus Global has access to a world-class talent pool of innovative solution providers and experts. Our resources have the unique experience in designing, developing, funding and operating – locally or globally, – to suit our customer or partners needs. We have strong relationships with government agencies and federal labs, which enables innovative technologies to come to life. We also have experience in the brokering of IP and underlying technologies amongst global providers and governmental agencies. Finally, Perseus Global seeks to identify technologies that can be developed through Pegasus' Defense and Security Solutions and Center for Innovation Test & Evaluation enterprises for exploitation in the United States.

Perseus Global

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