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Defense & Security Solutions

Pegasus Global Strategic Solutions ("PGSS"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pegasus Global Holdings, specializes in defense and security products and services. PGSS has mastered “cradle-to-grave” rapid prototyping and advanced manufacturing of commercial-off-the-shelf solutions for the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. PGSS' core competency includes prototyping, product development, production, manufacturing and technology development within the fields of electronic warfare, robotics, unmanned systems, field service training, import/export assistance and international sourcing and licensing of foreign-origin technology. PGSS' strategic advantage is its ability to source and supply commercial-off-the-shelf intellectual property (IP) to U.S. Government customers, improve upon the technology and, if required, produce it in a U.S. certified and classified manufacturing facility. PGSS has access to an internationally recognized pool of talented professionals with extensive experience in the public and private sector. Many PGSS' contractors are former senior government officials and members of multilateral government organizations, e.g. UN, and NATO. Each has significant expertise in specialized sectors – both business and geographic – and brings to the company a strong commitment to transparency in all engagements. In addition, PGSS has on an "engagement basis" access to senior business professionals in a wide area of fields, including finance, law, manufacturing, operations/engineering, sales/solutions, import/export assistance, government relations, public affairs, IP Development/Licensing and regulatory.  

How We Work

Defense Sectors

  • Electronic Warfare
  • C5i; ISR solutions
  • Net-centric battlefield communications
  • Counter-Terrorism Communications Technologies
  • Emergency Medical equipment

Current Products & Services Under Development

  • Offensive and Defensive Uses of RF Suppression [Dynamic Interference and Operational Suppression]
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Sensors, Sensors and More Sensors
  • Forensic & Predictive Technologies
  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Accomplishments & Expanding IP Portfolio

  • Granted 2 US Patents [3rd Pending] in the field of Radio Frequency Suppression [US #7391356 B2 and #7746265] inventing new methods in radio frequency suppression system & applications for military and domestic security - such as:
    • mounted, dismounted and fixed site RF Suppression to prevent Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device [RC-IED] detonations and
    • disruption of adversary Command & Control communications
  • Exclusive licences for key unmanned ground vehicle [UGV] technologies
  • Exclusive distribution licences for military and security vehicle platforms
  • Emerging IP relationship with key federal laboratories for commercialization of federally-funded research in the US, UK, Asia
  • Exclusive  design, development and distribution partnership with major Asia-region technology firm

Pegasus Global Strategic Solutions

  • Majority Veteran-owned firm;
  • Key members are cleared for work on DoD contracts
  • DCMA-approved facilities;
  • DCAA approved prime contractor;
  • NAVSEA approved prime contractor;
  • Multiple global channel partners

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