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Executive Summary

Founded in 2002, Pegasus Global Holdings has evolved into a technology development firm specializing in sourcing early–stage innovations and COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products & services to meet the stated requirements of commercial and government customers
  • SOURCING: products and services are sourced through channel partners and development relationships in the US, Europe and Asia
  • REQUIREMENTS: Products and services fulfill or supply COTS or interim program requirements of commercial and government entities
The company has a track record of “militarizing” commercial technologies and “commercializing” military technologies.

Key accomplishments

  • Majority US Veteran-owned company
  • Key members have been cleared for work on DoD contracts
  • DCMA-approved facility
  • DCAA-approved prime contractor
  • NAVSEA approved prime contractor
  • Multiple global channel partners

Expanding IP Portfolio

  • Granted two U.S. Patents with a third "Pending" in the field of Radio Frequency Suppression [US #7391356 B2 and #7746265] inventing new methods in radio frequency suppression system & applications for military and domestic security - such as:      
  • mounted, dismounted and fixed site RF Suppression to prevent Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device [RC-IED] detonations and
  • disruption of adversary Command & Control communications
Global Holdings

Moving Global IP into the Marketplace

  • Significant management experience
  • Active board of directors and advisors
  • Emerging brand as nimble, cost effective “solutions vendor”
  • Ongoing “sourcing and requirements”
  • Unique strategic relationships in Asia and UK intended to broaden IP “sourcing”
  • Significant exclusive IP licensing
  • Ongoing channel relationships
Sourcing and Requirements

Sourcing & Requirements – The key to an Effective COTS Business Strategy

  • Significant relationships for global rapid deployment of IP
  • Shared Risk-Reward commercial agreements and licenses on prequalified and sourced IP
  • Federal lab channels through government policies encouraging “commercialization”
  • Ongoing “requirements” solicitation through existing channel relationships in government and commercial sector
  • Seek “early stage” immediate requirements outside BAA, RFI processes
  • Rapid response to “unsolicited proposals” or working prototypes of the solutions sought
  • Internal and external funding of prototypes for development via “sourced IP”
Markets Customers Products

Products – Our innovation meets at the Market – Customer – Product level

  • Product and service development driven by customer “stated requirements” or “new ideas”
  • Full business potential comes from scalable products and channels
  • Business focus remains in most active market segments with most “verticals and horizontals” potential: commercial technology and government
  • Qualified in Portfolio IP and product opportunity lifecycle management and limitations
  • Experience in funding and supply chain management
  • Understood concept of COTS as such pertains to rapid “militarizing” commercial technologies and “commercializing” military technologies
  • Global holdings invests at the product level & aggregates portfolio value at the holdings level
  • Investor participation at the product level – SPV product
  • Customer engages at the product level- “improvement cycle”
  • Market segment defined at the product level – military or commercial

Business Structure

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